all people say's make money online with blogging

a mostly searched word in google is " make money online".most of people want to make money on Internet.and a best way for making money on Internet is blogging.
so competition in blogging is going high day to day.most of people making a blog for topic "make money online".so its a very competitive word.and getting high rank for this keyword in google is a very very hard.remember following points before blogging.

  • plan your blog topic:think in which type of topic you expert.and show how a competition of your topic on Internet.
  • select your keyword:select keyword about your topic.don't select more competitive keyword.for example your topic is make money online,,select key word like "make money online story","how you make money online","make money online is easy"etc.
  • plan your blog theme:plan your blog theme .select a seo friendly theme.a simple theme is easy for google to crawl.
  • plan your blog platform:think on which platform you want to make your blog.own domain blogging is a best way for blogging because traffic is generally going original domain.if you want to setup your blog own domain a word press is a best platform for you.
  • plan your posting shadule:plan how many article you post monthly.more post is not important but quality of post is very important.your post is having a use full for people.
  • setup AdSense:for starting time of blogging don't put AdSense ads on your blog.put ads after your blog going to 3-5 months old and you have a more than 50 post.
  • last step getting traffic:target your traffic goal.get more and more back links.comments another blogs and help people to giving answers for their questions.


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