earn money online through experts column

experts column is a one of the best way for make money on Internet without making any blog or website.
to earn money through experts column you want to just follow this steps.

  • firts of go expertscolumn and register with your account.
  • after that confirm your email
  • then login with your account and go to 'create column' link.
  • chose your title and write your column in body .
  • write those topic whose you have a great knowledge.
  • write in article body more than 300 words.
  • in keyword section write your keyword to get more traffic on your article through search engine.
  • than submit your article.they will review your article and after if your article approve they will publish it.
how you earn money?
they will put ads on your article.they split revenue in the 70:30 ratio earned from your columns. 70% of the times ads from your account will be shown and 30% of the time their ads will be shown.
if your article going to popular then you get more and more clicks on ads and you earning better.


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