amazon affiliate secret:make thousand dollars per month through amazon

Amazon!!make it your zone.oh no you fail become a Amazon affiliate?don't worry take one cup coffee and come here.just think why people fail become an amazon affiliate?

1) they cant work properly become a affiliate

2)they don't know what is hard work

3) they don't know how to marketing

4) some people working hard become a affiliate but they fail.why ?because they going to wrong way.

if you want to success become a amazon affiliate read below points care fully.not only read follow all points strictly and see your result.
  • first make your amazon affiliate account .(i hope you already have)
  • chose product from amazon.see i tell you "product" not a "products".only one product.for example i select one book called "Internet marketing by p.k.espirine"
  • now go to blogger make one blog .which topic blog?tech blog,personal blog?no no no..make blog named your product only .and select proper keyword for it.for example i make blog title "world best Internet marketing book"or"best selling Internet marketing book".i hop you know what i want to say.
  • now what you post in blog?post about your product only .write about its many time it sold.a review of details etc.
  • put your amazon product after post .also post extra images for your product.
  • now blogs work is over now what to do?its your very hard how you market it?follow below point for market your product.
  1. write one review about your affiliate product and submit it 500+article submission site(hard but not u know)in author section provide backlinks to your blog using proper keyword you made.
  2. submit your blog post to 200+ book marking site
  3. comments on another blog using proper keyword
  4. discuss about your product on forum sites
  5. .
  6. link exchange with well pr blog.
provide backlinks until you not get first rank on search engine with your targeted keyword.its a very hard work but my guaranty you earn thousands of dollars per month through are the best .you can do it..nothing is impossible in the world just try it seriously...happy earning cheers...


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