how to increases hubpages earnings?

i hop you already a member of hubpages .every day hubpages receive thousands of new Huber's.all want to make money with hubpages.but all not earning so much money.but some people who really earn $2000 to $5000 monthly from hubpages wow !!how they do it?here some tips to increases hubpages earnings.

  • write first paragraph of hub long so google ads appearing on first paragraph .its a very sensitive points for get a most of clicks here.
  • everyday write hub .your earnings is also depend upon howmany hub you written.if you write more hub you earn more
  • interchange your hub links.
  • increase inbound or outbound links.
  • submit your hub URL on social bookmarking site.don't go every bookmarking site.just go it will automatically submit your URL to all popular bookmarking sites.
  • get more and more backlinks to your hub.
best of luck for your earnings!cheers.........