make money with blogging part-2

monetize your blog for starting earning.

first program is adsense:
in google adsense program google puts ads on your blog. people visits your blog and if they click on your ads you earn money.this earning google pay you with check or with paypel add this program on your blog....

first go and signup with your google account.fill all form information correctly. and submit your form.after submitting your information your form is going to review 2-3 days.after reviewing you get your id.
now go to your blogger account go to monetize tab and chose google adsense .login with your publishing id.
chose place where you want to put your your ads is ready.users visits your sites and he/she click on your ads and you earn money.
second program is amazon associates:
in amazon associates program amazon put his products ads on your blog.if anybody visit your blog and click on product ads and purchase product.then amazon gives you some percentage of product price .and you will earn money.
to apply amazon associates follow this steps.

go to

fill amazon associates form.fill all information carefully.and submit your form.
after submitting your form add amazon associates program on your blog.
now add amazon product in your posts.add product whose related to your post.

in all things you understand that traffic is important for blog to learn how to get more traffic go to make money with blogging part-3


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