make money with blogging part-3

without traffic your blog is like a deadbody.for increasing traffic on your blog first check that your blog is indexed or not?how you know your blog indexed or not?answer is here type your blog url on google .like if they find your url u have been indexed.

google likes good page will get indexed fast if you have original material on your blog.
if you not indexed in google submit url on google url submition .
or submit your blog on blogging network sites or you will indexed in 24 hr.
for increasing traffic follow this steps.

  • write one article related your blog and submit it on article submition site like or goarticles.comLink
  • allow comment on your blog or post comment on another blog.and put in comment your anchor text url.
  • part in online forum and put anchor text between discussion.
  • part in online events and give description of your blog.