make money with blogging part-1

hello everybody.if you are new on internet and want to make money online ?a best way of making money on internet is blogging.blogging is free way for making online money.for earning more with blog chose a different blogging you think how to start blogging?if you want to start now follow this steps.

  1. first of all go and register with your google account.chose your display name and your blog url.chose url related to your blog.
  2. then chose your blog template.don't chose any stylish template for improving your google rank.
  3. now congratulations your blog is created!now go your dashboard and go to setting page.
  4. here you can set your blog title and discription.chose yes on add your blog in our listing or add in google search questions.
  5. after completing all thing go to your posting.
  6. now post your ideas to ideas which people like ideas related your blog url.
  7. post every day on your blog.don't leave it if you really want high rank on google.
for starting earning go.....make money with blogging part-2


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