which type of keyword you using for seo?

keyword is very very important for search engine optimisation. select your websites title whose people mostly like to search in google.in your website title add some extra word to improve more in google search.for example if your website is for topic making money online don't use make money online your title.use title like make money online story,way to make money online,ideas for making money online etc.if you want to check your keyword is good or not?here some software's use full for you.

  • good keywords v3: its a free keyword research and management software. Features include importing of CSV data from Google Keyword Tool, simple web page analysis, long-tail keyword list multiplication and manipulation and more.for more information go "http://www.goodkeywords.com"
  • keyword explorer: Keyword Explorer is a little Windows utility that provides a simple method to check and brainstorm for good, keyword optimized titles for use in your web pages.for more information gohttp://www.goodkeywords.com


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