make money with google affiliate network

google launch a affiliate network program.its a one another way for you for making money online.
google is one of the best company in world.most of internet users use google is a standard way for advertisers,publishers,buyers and sellers.

many people make lot of money with google affiliate network .
google affiliate network is for advertiser and publishers also.

for advertiser: if you have a company or you make a affiliate network help you to get more customers to buy your you get more customers?many websites use google affiliate puts your products ads on their websites so opportunity of selling your products is high.become a advertiser google charges from you some amount.

for publisher:if you have a websites or blog and want to big money?google takes for you affiliate network for this program google puts another company's products ads on your site.people visit your site and someone click on
Linkads and then buy those pays you some percent of amount.and you earn money.its a totally free program.


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