why most of blog fails?

a lot of people on internet going to make money with blog but most of fail.way they fail?a many reasons behind it.they make a blog with 1-2 posts and just sleeping.after some days they check google earnings but its become a zero.why they not earned?they think google is donater and they will give them money and they sleeping.

but reality is that
hard work is required for blogging.because a huge competition in internet for making money.most of people want to make money on internet.and most of people make blog about making money.
this is a huge mistake in blogging.make blog for totally different topic.make whose topic those very few on internet.
daily research on internet about your blog topic.generate your own ideas about this topic.
read magazines and every books about your topic and add some ideas in topic and post it.
daily post a new topic.don't leave posting.
post all your topic related news on internet.get more and more back links to your blog.
use people community site like facebook and twitter and share your blog information on those site.
get connect with webmasters and help each-other for back links.
share your blog informations to all off your friends.best off luck for blogging.........